Smith Lake Property - Overview

Leeson Township, Missanabie, Ontario

The Smith Lake Gold Project measures 54 square kilometres and consists of six (6) patented mining claims and thirty-four (34) mining claims within the Missinabie-Goudreau greenstone belt in Stover, Leeson and Rennie Townships in northern Ontario. 

The property is 100% Conquest owned and is contiguous with the former international Corona Resources Renabie gold mine, which at that time produced more than 1,000,000 ounces of gold from 1941 through 1991.

In June, 2012 the government of Ontario released a geophysical data set containing a compilation of local and regional airborne magnetic and electro-magnetic geophysical data for the area covering 70% of the new amalgamated Conquest land package in the Renabie area. 

Interpretation of this data by Conquest has generated more than 15 geophysical targets for gold and base metals exploration which have been scheduled for prospecting and mapping following spring break-up in 2013.

The goal is to advance the project by assessing it’s potential to host another Renabie sized gold deposit and to determine if volcanogenic massive sulphide potential exists within the metavolcanic successions present in the Missanabie-Goudreau greenstone belt.